Self-Tan Back Applicator

Self-Tan Back Applicator


Experience an effortless application with our smooth back applicator. Designed to reach the tricky spots, and ensure an even back tan everytime.

Featuring a convenient click mechanism for easy extension, our custom foam sponge minimises product wastage, ensuring a flawless finish from head to toe.

  • The curved handle and sleek, foldable design provide precision and control, making your tanning routine a breeze.
  • Smooth sponge that glides product across skin
  • Click mechanism for extension
  • Custom sponge foam to minimize product wastage
  • Pair with your favorite Three Warriors tan for a flawless finish
  • No more stretching to reach your mid-back
  • Lock in a flawless tan from front to back, top to toe
  • Easily foldable and sleek design, perfect for long vertical strokes for a flawless golden glow
  • Zero mess, precise application for complete control over your tan
  • Curved handle for grip and easy to move around

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